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Blendtec’s Viral Triumph: Unconventional Marketing Magic with “Will It Blend?” Campaign


The Challenge of Market Penetration

Tom Dickson, the founder of Blendtec, faced a significant challenge in the early 2000s. Although his company manufactured powerful and commercial-grade blenders, they struggled to gain traction among everyday consumers.


Tom Dickson’s Visionary Marketing Strategy

To overcome this obstacle and increase brand awareness, Tom devised a brilliant and unconventional marketing strategy. He came up with a series of online videos titled “Will It Blend?” The concept was simple yet captivating: Tom would blend various objects, both ordinary and peculiar, to demonstrate the blender’s remarkable power and durability.


The iPhone Experiment: A Viral Breakthrough

One of the most iconic episodes featured Tom blending an iPhone, a highly popular and expensive gadget at the time. The video showcased the iPhone being completely pulverized by the Blendtec blender, reducing it to a cloud of dust and small fragments. The video quickly went viral, attracting millions of views within a short span.

Going Viral: Spreading like Wildfire

The success of the “Will It Blend?” campaign propelled Blendtec to internet stardom and significantly boosted the company’s sales. People enthusiastically shared the videos across social media platforms, and the brand’s popularity soared. The videos became a sensation due to their humorous and audacious approach, effectively illustrating the blender’s capabilities and encouraging audiences to consider Blendtec for their blending needs.

Lessons in Unconventional Success

The “Will It Blend?” campaign exemplified the power of creative marketing and the impact of engaging content. Blendtec’s daring and entertaining videos captivated the audience’s attention, making the brand a household name and solidifying its position as a successful viral marketing pioneer. This innovative approach not only showcased the blender’s prowess but also showcased Blendtec’s willingness to think outside the box and embrace unconventional methods to achieve marketing success.

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